Spring conference

Spring conference on Vrångö

Using public transportation ferries, you can easily get out into the archipelago of Gothenburg and to the southernmost island, Vrångö. Spring will soon be here, and the first warming rays of sun make it possible to have both conversation with colleagues as well as coffee outside. The quiet landscape of car-free Vrångö provides the meeting with a special calmness. Spring is also a perfect time for after work on the sauna raft with mingling, wood-fired sauna, hot tub and sea bath. You can also choose to go hiking or kayaking, with or without a guide. Conferencing at Vrångö is a little calmer, a little more open – a place for freedom in both body and soul.


price example April – June 2023

• Lunch
• Conference
• Afternoon coffee
• Wood-fired sauna & hot tub on the sauna raft
• Seafood evening at restaurant Hamnkrogen Lotsen
• Overnight in a large boathouse apartment with its own kitchen, shower and toilet. Accommodation 3 people/boat cabin
• Breakfast

SEK 2,270 per person (excl. VAT and drinks)
Subject to price adjustments.

For more information and price proposals contact us by phone or email:

Email: info@kajkantenvrango.se
Telephone: +46 734 000 174

Spring is almost here, and we are looking forward to meeting for real again. Placing a workshop in quiet Vrångö, far from the pulse of the big city, is a slightly different way of conferencing. Close to nature, small-scale and genuine. You can always frame your conference with an activity with us. What suits your group?

• Sauna raft with wood-burning sauna and hot tub
• Boat trip in the outermost strip of sea
• Guided hike through the Vrångöskärgården nature reserve
• Seaweed safari with Karolina Martinsson
• Yoga
• Crawfish boil on the pier
• Sea kayaking to uninhabited islands
• Beach cleaning – PLOGGA with us