Kajkanten is located on the island Vrångö in the Gothenburg archipelago, on the very edge of the western side overlooking the ocean.

  • Getting to Vrångö

    You do not need a car to get to Kajkanten and Vrångö. You can take the tram or bus to Saltholmen, and from there you take the ferry.

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  • kajkanten konferens
    Next to Gothenburg

    Archipelago idyll close to the city of Gothenburg – Vrångö is magical in the summer, but at least as fantastic to visit during spring, autumn and winter.

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  • Seafood

    Vrångö is a well known paradise for seafood lovers. All year round it is possible to pre-order  seafood from Fiskeboa Vrångö,  that is delivered directly to your boathouse.

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  • Unique Landscape

    Vrångö’s unique landscape offers many adventures: Everything from winding paths with naked cliffs to wonderful sandy beaches in a historical environment.

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  • Our floating Sauna

    Experience our floating Sauna. Enjoy bath & sauna and meetings & meals with a 360° sea view – during all seasons. Our private guests as well as groups are very welcome.

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  • Kayaking

    At Kajkanten you can rent a kayak for a day trip or a few hours, April – October. There are plenty of options on tours in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

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