A stay on Vrångö is easy and characterized by its proximity to nature. Let the sea and landscape inspire making excursions.

  • BastuflotteKajkanten
    Floating Sauna

    Experience our new floating Sauna. Enjoy bath & sauna and meetings & meals with a 360° sea view – during all seasons. Our private guests as well as groups are very welcome.

  • Kajak Kajkanten
    Kayak Hire

    Explore the archipelago from the water line. There are plenty of route options depending on where you would like to paddle. You can hire kayaks on Vrångö for a day trip or just a few hours.

  • Havskräftor Kajkanten
    Seafood Fishing

    Try your luck at fishing aboard one of the local fishing boats. The is room for a maximum of 12 persons. Perhaps you will get both langoustine and crab. You will get to pull up creels and pots. And after a successful catch, the skipper will cook the seafood in the harbour for you to enjoy, perhaps sitting on a cliff watching the sun set on the horizon.

  • Vy Vrångö
    Vrångö’s Paths

    Plan your own excursions in Vrångö’s unique landscape. There are plenty of paths on the island, and they are all accessible to prams and the disabled. In some places, you can listen to stories about Vrångö’s dramatic history using your mobile phone.

  • kajkanten_battur_utflykt

    Experience the southern archipelago from the sea. Fish mackerel by handline, or would you rather fish for sea trout and cod? Just sitting back and wonder at the dramatic sea is an experience in itself.

  • kajkanten_badtunna
    Hot Tub with a View of the Sea

    Hire the bathing cabin and create your own spa. Sink into the spacious hot tub and enjoy the view of one of Vrångö’s beautiful coves.

  • kajkanten_klippa
    Island Hopping

    Take the ferry to Donsö and enjoy a picnic at the lighthouse by Donsöhuvud. Hop onto another ferry and follow the Swedish actor Lasse Dahlqvist’s footsteps on Brännö. On Thursdays, you can take a turn round the dance-floor on Brännö brygga. The next ferry can take you to Styrsö to enjoy the magnificent view of Stora Rös.

  • kajkanten_hummer
    Lobster Fishing

    Come lobster fishing! There is room for a maximum of 12 persons on the fishing boats. You will help the skipper pull up the lobster pots. Those who crave the “black gold” can buy it directly from the skipper.